Sharing my story to benefit you as the reader and also our Military Heroes  


Hello Family & Friends,


I need your help.  I was very blessed as a young man to live my sports dream, of playing college basketball in my home town of Philadelphia. I played at Temple University.


 As the oldest of 5 children in my family, I had my college education paid in full because of my sports accomplishments. 


I have collaborated with my son to put my amazing journey into a book with the hope of raising money through the sales for the Wounded Warrior Foundation. 


 My daughter Christina is a graduate of the West Point Class of 2002 where she also played basketball. 


 Unfortunately September 11th hit during her time at the Academy.  Everything shifted to a wartime mode and upon graduation Christina and many of her classmates spent a lot of time in Kuwait and Iraq.  Some of them never made it back home and many others were maimed very badly.  One of her teammates lost her right arm from the shoulder down from a roadside bomb. 


 I have initiated several fundraising efforts for the Wounded Warriors over the years including an alumni basketball at my alma mater LaSalle High School which was the first one they ever had and the support from the local press and community was overwhelming. 


My journey to living my sports dream is very compelling and one that will make you laugh, cry and be amazed at the events that transpired and the people that intervened in my life that allowed this to happen.  


All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Wounded Warrior Foundation so I hope you decide to buy a copy and get a friend or two to join in with you.

I appreciate your time and hope you enjoy the read.  God Bless you all and God Bless our Military who keep us safe and allow us to live out our dreams !

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